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Manage the Comment Settings of a Blog Post

  • Navigate over to your blog by clicking on the PAGES tab at the top of the navigation bar in grey and selecting your blog page.
  • Enter the Weebly Blog Editor by either creating a new blog post or editing a saved draft post.
  • Click on the blue POST OPTIONS button in the bottom lefthand corner of the screen.
  • You will then see a post options menu in the left sidebar.
  • Underneath COMMENTS, click on the dropdown arrow next to Open.
  • You can then change the comment settings by selecting a different setting.
    • Open comments allow anyone to comment on a blog post.
    • Closed comments do not allow anyone to comment on a blog post.
    • Required Approval comments mean you must approve the comment before it is posted on your blog post. 
  • You can exit the post options menu by clicking the dropdown arrow next to POST OPTIONS.


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