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Social Media Post Content


We schedule ten posts a week, two articles every business day, to appear on your Facebook business page.

We schedule four "graphics" per week: these are all created in-house and only used on agent's Facebook pages. They are meant to invoke the romance and excitement of travel, and include quotes, travel tips, funny memes and more. We also schedule one inspirational travel video per week. See below for examples of the graphics content and video:





Facebook supplemental posts are scheduled by Thursday evening, the week before they will start to post on your account. These postings are scheduled for Monday through Friday, twice a day.

The other five posts are articles. We pull relevant travel articles from high-quality consumer publications, including CNN, USA Today, and The Huffington Post, to post to your page. These articles are all vetted and, again, designed to inform and inspire your clients re: travel.

Note that our Social Media posting is designed to be supplemental; that is, it is not intended to replace an agent's personal posts to their own page (which will always perform best), but rather to complement it.

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