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Travel Specials Widget


Add travel specials directly to your website!

Extend your consumer reach by adding travel specials to your website. We provide you with all the necessary code and step-by-step instructions.

These specials are curated from across the web and selected for their high interest and value. We update our widgets frequently with fresh, relevant content. Most specials run for about two weeks, occasionally three. Certain weeks there might be fewer specials that meet our high standards. 

Click here to see the widget in action!

Where can I find the supplier information?

Deals are displayed without any supplier information so your clients must contact you in order to book that particular special, rather than shopping it around the internet. Supplier information can be viewed in your Content Library and will also be sent to you when a client requests more information.

Each Travel Special has a lead generation form that will allow visitors to your site to request more information about a displayed special offer. The information gathered is sent directly to you via email to follow up on. As part of the IMPACT Marketing System, visitors who submit the request form and opt-in are automatically added to your mailing list along with their preferred destinations and/or activities so that you can segment your mailing list.


Check out this blog post from Richard Earls, the founder of Voyager Websites and Xsideas, explaining the philosophy behind our opaque specials: 



How do I edit my preferences?

The Destinations and Activities that you select will determine the types of travel specials displayed. If you need to update your chosen Destinations or Activities - click on “Your Account” in your Content Library. You'll find destination and activities on the fourth page; make sure you hit 'Save and continue' when you are done editing your preferences.


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