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What Is A Theme?


A theme provides the general look and feel of a website. It is how the site is laid out and arranged via sections. These sections include:

  • Menu/navigation: This area contains the generated navigation (created based on how the site owner organizes their pages), cart, login, and optionally search, phone number, and social icons.




  • Header/banner: At the top of the page, this area generally includes the headline and any headline text, often in a banner. It can also contain the menu and navigation. You can also create a header area that allows the user to change the background, insert a video, or change the layout, all without needing to touch any code.




  • Body/content: This is the area where users add their main content. When creating pages for this area of their a site they can choose from predefined layouts, or they can design the area from scratch using elements. You can also add sections to the body, which allow the user to add distinct areas with different layouts.




  • Footer: The universal section at the bottom of every page. It usually contains copyright information, the company name, contact information, and any business affiliations.




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