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Add New, or Renew, Social Media Account on eClincher


Remember to take full advantage of all of our amazing website tools! To add a new social media account, or renew the token of a social media account, to your eClincher:

  1. Sign-in to your eClincher account at eClincher.com
  2. Click on "Add & Manage Accounts" on the top-left
  3. Go to the social media service you wish to add
  4. Input the login information for your account in the window that pops up
    1. If you are asked for a security verification from any social media service, simply follow the instructions that service gives
  5. Once that account is added, click the check boxes for each user or page you wish to use
  6. Click 'Save'
  7. Click 'Close'
  8. You have now added a new social media account to eClincher; which, you can view and post on.

**Note: You can have a max of 10 social media profiles active at one time**

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