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How To Make Anchor Links / Links Within A Page


The # character in front of a link specifies that the link is pointing to an anchor on a page instead of a normal link.

To create an anchor link, you need to:

  1. Create the anchor itself
  2. Create the link that points to the anchor

1. Use an Embed Code element to create the anchor.

  • An anchor looks like this: <a name="PageSection"></a>
  • You can also use a div tag: <div id="PageSection"></div>

2. You can create the anchor link by either creating an External Link page and inserting the anchor link as the external link, or you can create a hyperlink with a text element.

  • An anchor link as an External Page looks like this: http://yourtravelagency.com/#PageSection
  • An anchor link as a hyperlink looks like this: 
    • <a href="#PageSection">Link Text Here</a> (on the same page)
    • <a href="pagename.html#PageSection">Link Text Here</a> (on a different page)



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