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Adding a CRM to your site


Many agents use customer relationship management systems, or CRMs, to help manage their clients; some host agencies even include them in your Travel Agent Suite. CRMs can be integrated into to your website using embed code elements, some themes even come with built-in, hidden pages featuring an iframe set-up to easily embed your CRM.

(This example uses Vacation CRM, other CRMs may have different or additional steps, if you have any questions about how to integrate your CRM or booking engine, please contact us!)


The CRM will provide you with links that look very similar to these, with your unique identifying address: 


*For VacationCRM: These are located in your VacationCRM account. You will need to log in, hover over Settings, and click Manage User API Forms.


Once you have your form links you will need to get into your Site Editor.

Then look under the Pages menu to see if your chosen theme came with two hidden, built-in pages named "Reservations" and "Payments":


(And if not you can easily create new pages or copy an existing page.)

Select the page you want to place the form on and click on (or add) the embed code element on that page:



Then select "Edit Custom HTML" and you will see the iframe set-up in the embed code element:


Replace the link inside the quotes with your own given link; it is best to copy and paste rather than trying to type the link in exactly.


Remember to uncheck the "Hide in Navigation" box (found when the page is selected from the Pages menu) to make the page accessible on your live site: 


Publish then check your work on your live site to ensure the form is formatted properly. You may need to adjust the width and/or height of the iframe to format the page to your liking.



Please contact us if you have any questions about the site editor or if you need any help! Or if you purchased your VacationCRM through the Travel Agent Suite, you can call (214) 383-0122 for help or more information about VacationCRM.

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