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Create a Practice Page


A practice page is a page on your site that is hidden from the public, which you can use to try out different styles and elements. Editing on a practice page will help you get used to using the site editor without negatively affecting a real, visible page on your site.

You can test out elements, page settings, widgets, and more without having to worry about messing up the rest of your site.

To create a practice page:

  1. Click on the Pages tab at the top-left of the editor
  2. Click the '+' button in the left bar
  3. Click on Standard Page
  4. Name your page 'Practice Page'
  5. Check the box next to Hide in Navigation
  6. Click on SEO Settings
  7. Check the box next to Hide this page from search engines.
  8. Use the 'back' arrow at the top-left of the left bar to return to the Pages list
  9. Your new Practice Page is ready for you to test out elements, widgets, and more


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