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Common Website Terms


Domain Registrar - This is the company you pay for the use of your domain when you purchased it and when you renew it. The domain is the address where your website is located.

Domain Cost - Domain cost is typically done on annual (or you pay for multiple years at at time) - it is the cost to continue to use the domain/address (e.g. yourtravelagency.com)

Web Hosting - This is the cost to store your website online. It can be done through your registrar or another company. In this case - we include your website hosting in the cost of your website.

Domain Pointing - This is the process by which you point your domain to wherever your website is stored online (in this case you would be pointing your domain to your website that is with us).

Domain Transfer - This is where you move your domain from one domain registrar to another. If you do this - you will have to "point" your website again toward us. When you buy one of our websites - there is no need to "transfer" your domain. 

Email Hosting - This is completely separate from "website hosting." You can purchase email hosting from your domain registrar or another company (like Google's GSuites). If you use a 3rd party company, similar to your website, you will have to point the email hosting records to your email service provider. 

Email Forwarding - This is where you send email from one email address to another email address. You can do this with whomever does your email hosting. 

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