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Domain Pointing Form


Need help pointing your domain to your new website? We are happy to try and help!

This is a courtesy service where we will attempt to "point" your domain to your new website! However, in some cases, you may need to deal with the domain registrar directly for security or technical reasons. We will inform you if this is the case. 

Before submitting form - please verify your login information by manually logging in to your domain registrar account by typing your username and password.

Domain Connect & Registrar Info


Disclaimer: Very rarely (less than 1% of the time), if your domain and email hosting are co-mingled (i.e. yourname@yourdomain.com) - an issue with your email may arise if it wasn't set up properly to begin with. We are not responsible for any loss of email service. We will assist as much as we can in rectifying the issue if it should occur but ultimately it will be up to you and your domain registrar. 

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