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Move a Section

  • Hover over the section element in the Site Editor and click on the section element so that it is outlined in blue.
  • In the pop-up menu that appears above the section element, click on the Move option in between Edit Background and Delete.
  • A pop-up box will appear with two selection options at the top: Move and Copy. Ensure that Move is selected (it is the default selection).
  • You can either move the section to a different place on the current page or to another page entirely.
    • To move the section on the current page, select On this page underneath MOVE SECTION.
      • You have the option to move the section up or down, depending on where it is currently placed on the page. If it is the first section on the page, you cannot move it further up. If it is the last section on the page, you cannot move it further down.
    • To move the section to another page, select To another page underneath MOVE SECTION and select the page you want to move the section to.
  • NOTE: Moving a section to another page completely removes it from the page it was initially on.


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