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Tabs Element


The Tabs element makes it easy to group related content into a single element, saving valuable space on your page while giving your site a clean, well-organized look.

  1. Go to Site Editor
  2. Drop the Tabs element onto the page
  3. To edit the tab name:
  4. Click on tab
  5. Type in new name of tab
  6. Tab settings:
  7. Theme, which change the style of the boxes and lines
  8. Tabs, where you increase or decrease the amount of tabs
  9. Color, where you can change the color of the tabs
  10. Inside the primary box of each tab, where is says ‘Drag Elements Here’—you can add elements just like you would normally on a page.
  11. Customize to your liking, and now you’ve got a tab element that you can add any information you choose.
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